Completed the Book “Cyber Operations” as Training

In the last few month, I made my way through the book “Cyber Operations” from Apress. This is blog article reflects my personal opinion.

From my point of view, it is a good start to go deeper into Cybersecurity, IT-Security and application security. It shows you how to build, attack and defend such systems. E.g.: How to attack some wordpress versions, but also how to defend such versions against attacks. This books teaches you, how to use certain modules of Kali Linux to perform different attacks and which scripts you can use to perform and mitigate attacks. For me it was a good help to go deeper into IT and Cyber Security. I learned in addition some new tricks and hints for Operating Systems i use since years. This book shows, that keep your system up-to-date is very good advice.

One recommendations for those of you, who would like to use the book in the same way as me, ensure, that you use a Quad-Core Systems with minimum 16 GB RAM. Also keep in mind, that windows VMs occupies directly all associated memory (this was the case on my Manjaro system with Virtual Box).

From my point of view, this book can help to improve your knowledge in following areas, if you doing nearly all exercises in paralel on a host with Virtual Box or VmWare:

  • Kali-Linux
  • Hardening Server and Desktop Operating Systems
  • Enterprise Network Setup on host-level (Router, Server, Workstations)
  • Windows Active Directory setup and attacking
  • Windows network services setup and attacking
  • BIND DNS-Server setup and attacking
  • Web server setup and attacking
  • DB server setup and attacking
  • network services setup and attacking
  • Intrusion Detection System setup and attacking
  • Logging
  • Application Security
  • Web application Security
  • Virtualization
  • Penetration Testing Test Lab setup
  • Defending strategies against Web Application, Web server, DB Server, DNS, Windows Domain and other attacks

In Summary, this book was a good investment for me to move on into a career in Cyber/Information Security and gave me a lot of impressions to setup my own Hack/penetration testing Lab at Home.

I am moving now on to the Book: “Pro Linux System Administration” to improve my skills in the administration of Linux. In addition, i start studying for my CCENT and “CCNA Routing&Switching” Certificates. The Cisco Certificates are for me, to understand Computer networks better and also to be a better Penetration Tester and IT-Security Auditor. The Cisco Lab at Home is already deployed. Hot to set up a Pentesting/Hack Lab, i will show you in another blog article.