Dear all, at the moment i am learning for my CCENT and have developed following lab for me as challange. If you like, you can use it also to improve your skills or as idea for your own lab exercise.

Following Devices are required for this Lab:

– 3 Cisco ISR Router with two Ethernet and two Serial Interfaces (IOS 15), e.g.: Cisco 1921, 1941, 2811, etc.
– 2 Cisco Catalyst Switches (IOS 15), e.g.: Cisco Catalyst 2960, 3750-G, 3750V2, 2960-X, etc.
– 1 Cisco Catalyst PoE Switch (IOS 15), e.g.: Cisco Catayst 2960, 3750-G, 3750v2, 2960-X, etc.
– 2 Cisco IP Phones, e.g. Cisco 7962
– 3 PCs/Laptops
– 1 Raspberry Pi as DNS Server.

Network Map:


























The challange is to fulfill following requirements:

  • This Lab uses following VLANs with following IPs
    • VLAN 10:
    • VLAN 20:
    • VLAN 30:
    • VLAN 100:
  • The Links between the Routers are all in the same subnet
  • RTR1 act as DHCP-Server and is connected on interface g0/0 with the DNS-Server in the subnet
  • All Routers are using PAT
  • Enable SSH on all Cisco Router and Switches
  • RTR2 and RTR3 are acting as DHCP Relay
  • Enable on all Switches Port-Security with following values
    • mac-address sticky
    • maximum: 2
    • port violation mode: shutdown
  • Configure ACLs are required


I hope this lab is useful fo those of you who are preparing also for the CCENT. It can also be used as inspiration for other Labs. Depending on your devices, port numbers and type may differ.


Depending on my time, may i will also post an example solution for this lab.